University’s Profile

Unity University is the first privately owned institute of higher learning which is awarded full-fledged university status in Ethiopia by the Ministry of Education. It is also the first private university to offer postgraduate programs leading to Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Development Economics (MA).

A member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group, Unity University currently offers undergraduate degrees in its Regular, Extension and Distance/Continuing programs. Established in 1991 as a language school teaching English, French, Italian and Arabic, Unity became the first private college in the country in 1999 after launching diploma programs in Accounting, Marketing, Business and Personnel Administration as well as Secretarial Science. In the subsequent years Unity College did not only consolidate its existing diploma programs but it also upgraded its institutional services by offering first degree courses to be given by a private institute of higher learning in Ethiopia. In 1993, Distance and Continuing program was launched and two years later, in 1995, Unity opened a new campus outside Addis at Adama by purchasing the special Nazareth premises and installing its own full time academic and administrative staff.

In August 2002 Unity College was officially renamed Unity University College and in March 2007 it became the first private institute of higher learning to offer postgraduate programs of MBA and MA degrees in the country. In September 2008, the Ministry of Education awarded Unity University College full University status making it the first private institute of a full-fledged University in Ethiopia. Unity University is an institution that strives to make its vision a reality. Being a member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group companies, the University has a General Vision of “MIDROC’s quality products and sustained services to every customer and users.” Its particular vision is “To create the best possible private University that can provide quality education for better use by citizens, who are engaged with the university (with full energy and enthusiasm) to acquire education and achieve their dream for a better life and a well developed country.” In order to achieve this vision, it regularly evaluates and reviews its existing curricula and engages in careful preparation of its new undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Unity University conducts continuous assessment of its academic offerings and introduces innovative learning and teaching exercises to maintain and upgrade its academic performances to ensure its unfaltering quality services. In addition to its academic undertaking, the University encourages research and holds annual multi-disciplinary conferences the proceeds of which are published in its academic journal entitled “Ethiopian Journal of Business and Development.” It has also bi-monthly publication “The voice of Unity University” to inform target audience on the activities of the University and enhance knowledge of its readers. Unity University is also very active in community service programs. It is involved in activities related to environmental protection and has participated in the “Clean and Green Addis Ababa initiative” and in other programs sponsored by the city council of Addis Ababa, the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce in such projects as the HIV/AIDS awareness creation and prevention activities.

The university had offered scholarships to several students with financial difficulties. It had set up a program known as Girls’ Project, which extends assistance to deserving girl students from around the country who could not persue their tertiary education because of lack of financial resources. It also gives scholarships to its own staff who wish to upgrade their academic status and to students with outstanding record in sports and other cultural activities. The current student population of the university is 7370 with 160 enrolled in the postgraduate program, 3487 in the undergraduate studies and 927 in the diploma program. The Distance/Continuing program is offered to over 3330 students enrolled at 38 centers in most Regional(Kilil) capitals and preparation is underway to expand the program by opening up new centers throughout the country.

The academic staff of the university is more than 2000 with 8.5% if the instructors being female. The total number if the employees to the university academic, administrative and support staff is well over 469 with their educational background ranging from Ph.D to 12th grade and below.

H.E. Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi
Chairman and Owner
MIDROC Ethiopia

Dr. Arega Yirdaw
Chief Executive Officer
MIDROC Technology Group