Student Services

Student Affairs at Unity University

We, at Unity believe that an all rounded education does not only consist academic activities. Unity Students, therefore, have access to a range of different extracurricular activities. These include:

  • Sports
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Internship and Placements
  • Health Services
  • Student Council and Clubs
  • Alumni

The University’s sport is thriving. It has very successful student sport teams. There are football, volleyball and basketball pitch facilities at Gerji, Adama, Dessie and SalaM Campuses.

Guidance and Counseling Services

Student Guidance and Counseling Service is run by professional Counselor. The service helps students who are facing academic and personal problems.

Internship and Placements

Unity University arranges opportunities for on-the-job training of prospective graduates. Internships usually last between one to three months. It can also lead to permanent employment.
Unity also runs employment and placement scheme that finds permanent job opportunities for its graduates. Majority of Unity University graduates gain internships and are employed on graduation or soon afterwards.

Health Services

There is a Clinic located at Gerji Campus, which is open to students of all faculties, including postgraduates. The Clinic is run by a trained nurse.

Student Council and Clubs

The Student Council is made up of elected student representatives from each College, School and Department. The Council entertains student opinion to the Senate, the Management and President of the University.

Student Affairs, Unity University

According to the definition of terms stated in the Legislation: Dean of Students is a person responsible for overall welfare of the students of the University. The Dean oversees all student affairs with a number of units under him. Together as a team, the student Affairs personnel are engaged in activities that ensure realization of student services.

The sub-Units are the following:
  1. Guidance, Counseling and Orientation Services
  2. Internship and Placement Services
  3. Student Judicial Affairs, Community Involvement, Entertainment and Sports services.
Other Academic support services

When undertaking the above tasks, Office of Student Affairs deals with:-

  1. Students /Instructors (mainly Local and some International)
  2. Parents/ relatives of students (same as above)
  3. Instructors, Department Heads, Deans, Top Leadership,
  4. The Business community (varied)
  5. Governmental/Non-Governmental Organizations