President’s Message

It is over two and a half decades since Unity University was established as the first private institution of higher education; and close to a decade since it joined the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group of organisations. The latter has proved an opportune

experience to put the University in a unique position to enhance linkages with the industrial sector. Over the years, Unity has established itself and won the respect of the community by playing its modest role in turning out the skilled manpower the country is in dire need of. We trust that this effort goes a long way towards the national development endeavour.

In this connection, we would like to note that we are encouraged by the performance of our graduates at all levels, as reflected in the feedbacks we get from their employers as well as from those who do their own businesses. We proudly say that the success registered is the result of a multitude of stakeholders. This involves the students themselves, their parents, the Instructors and all members of the University community. We would like to congratulate all stakeholders who contributed towards this noble task; and call upon them to continue along the same line.

Unity University, as the pioneer private institution of higher learning, is proud of its status as the source of inspiration for new and up-coming other institutions. Accordingly, the University feels the responsibility of setting the pace in the operation of private higher education institutions in the country. This makes the responsibility of the University even more pressing, as the University has to live up to the expectations of our students and the community at large. It was with this understanding that Unity recently designed its new Strategic Direction.

The new Strategic Direction calls working towards being the “Centre of Excellence” in Leadership and Management. Moreover, the Strategic Direction relates to ensuring quality of education, which goes along the direction of our long-aspired Motto of being “A Quality House”. In view of the above, we have made it a point to focus and lay emphasis on Leadership and Management, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, and General Education. We are confident that our resources, and the continued support of the aforementioned actors, would enable us to attain our goals.