MSc in Accounting and Finance – Objectives of the Program

The MSc in Accounting and Finance program is developed with the general objectives of:

  • Training and developing competent Accounting and Finance professionals for businesses and the society at large;
  • Enabling students to have innovative and creative mind-set stressing not only on limited accounting aspects but also advanced accounting issues;
  • Producing graduates who will assume academic posts in different higher institutions;
  • Training individuals who could assume executive positions and functional areas related to Accounting, Auditing, Finance, and Taxation in both corporate and public sectors;
  • Training individuals who will be capable of providing consultancy services in the areas of Accounting, Auditing, Finance, and Taxation;
  • Enhancing the quality of accounting education and practices through conducting researches in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Auditing and Taxation;
  • Saving foreign exchange that the country spends in sponsoring graduate students who will pursue their studies in the field of accounting abroad;
  • Building up the capacity of the staff required for launching PhD programs in the Department in the long run; and
  • Striving to produce effective and useful research findings, which can rectify business and societal problems of the country.