MBA General – Objectives of the Program

1. General

The Department of Management and Marketing Management seeks to:

  • Equip postgraduate students with fundamental skills of high-performance managers; and
  • Deliver quality instruction that helps candidates to gain competitive advantage in their   whether in established business environment or entrepreneurial setting.
2. Specific

Specifically, the Department is committed to produce qualified managers who can:

  • Take charge of all kinds of organizations and different functional areas of within;
  • Articulate strategic visions;
  • Allocate resources of all kind effectively;
  • Manage the activities of different undertakings that are related to the marketing, human resource; materials, production, logistics, information system, finance and others;
  • Think strategically, lead, motivate and manage teams across borders;
  •  Analyze and develop business opportunities as well as solve business problems;
  •  Handle innovatively the challenges of the highly complex and competitive business environment;
  •  Undertake research and consultancy activities in management areas; and
  •  Design systems, initiate improvement and innovations.