MA in Organizational Leadership – Program Requirements

1. Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the MOL program, applicants should:

  • Have bachelor’s degree or above in any discipline from accredited institution of higher learning;
  • Have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 and above in the undergraduate program; and
  • Demonstrate good performance in the entrance examination and/or equivalent admission test prepared by the University.
2. Duration of the Program

The total credit requirement for the entire program is 34 hours, including project work. The program is organized under a semester system.

Regular Program: The duration of the program shall be four semesters spread over two years.

Extension Program: The duration of the program shall have six semesters spread over three years.

3. Graduation Requirements
  • Take all required courses of the program.
  • Achieve a minimum of CGPA 3.00.
  • Successfully defend the Master’s Thesis.
  • Earn an average of B to graduate in clear status. Still though, a student with two C’s or two C+ ‘s or one C and one C+ is urged to remove his/her C or C+ .
  • A Candidate who has more than two Cs or two C+ s will not be allowed to graduate, even if he/she earns CGPA of 3.00 or above.