MA in Organizational Leadership – Objectives of the Program

1. General Objectives

The Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Leadership (MOL) is developed by taking into consideration the following general objectives.

  • Train and develop competent professionals who can assume executive positions in business and society;
  • Produce professionals who are capable of conducting relevant research and taking up academic positions in higher learning institutions; and
  • Train individuals who will be capable of providing consultancy services in the areas of leadership and broad strategic governance issues.
2. Specific Objectives

Specifically, the Department is committed to produce qualified managers who can:

  • Lead all kinds of public and private organizations.
  • Articulate strategic visions.
  • Allocate resources of all kind effectively.
  • Lead the activities of different undertakings like human resource, operations, project, and others.
  • Think strategically, lead and motivate teams across borders.
  • Design systems, initiate improvement and innovations.
  • Handle inventively the challenges of the highly complex and competitive business environment.
  • Undertake research and consultancy activities in areas of leadership and broad governance issues.
  • Take up academic positions in higher learning institutions.