MA in Business Economics – Program Requirements

1. Admission Requirements

All applicants must earn a grade point average as specified by the Ministry of Education to quality for admission as graduate students. Applicants are required to produce all the necessary documents to the Office of the Registrar and pass entrance examination. Candidate must be:

  • Graduate at bachelor’s level in Economics with a CGPA of 2.00 or above; and
  • Supported by three referees, preferably from the instructors who know his/her academic performance and his/her research activity.
2. Preparatory Course

Applicants from other fields of specializations will be expected to take preparatory courses for a semester and are required to score pass grade in all the courses. Besides, they have to sit and pass entrance examination. The preparatory courses are:

  • Macroeconomics (Econ 221)
  • Research Methodology Econ 302)
  • Microeconomics (Econ 211)
  • Econometrics (Econ 311)
  • Development Theories (Econ 362)
  • Rural Urban Development (Econ 401)
3. Duration of the Study

The duration of postgraduate program is two academic years. A candidate may be allowed to continue for up to four years if it can be shown that the extension is required by force measure.

4. Graduation Requirements
  • Candidate must take courses with a total Cr. hrs of 36.
  • In order to graduate, a candidate must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00.
  • A student must earn an average of B to graduate in clear status. Still though, a student with two Cs or two C+ ‘s or one C and one C+ is urged to remove his/her C or C+ .
  • A Candidate who has more than two Cs or two C+ s will not be allowed to graduate even if he/she earns CGPA of 3.00 or above.