Executive Training Programs

Executive Training Program

Unity University (unity) has been organizing and offering executive training programs for those who want to make a change in the handling of their managerial and leadership practices. Unity believes that mangers and leaders need to be equipped with the latest developments in the areas of their responsibilities.

The Executive Training Program (ETP) of Unity University is designed to add value to the critical managerial and leadership practices that a modern and aspiring executive, leader or manager needs to achieve success. Through practical and theoretical journey in the courses we offer, participants will get the opportunity to enhance their performance by preparing themselves for immediate and long-term prospects of their organizations. Beside the courses offered in a wide range of subjects pertinent to managerial and leadership practices, the University can also offer tailored courses to meet specific organizational demand and target groups.

Unity University is a member of MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group Companies that consist of industries engaged in Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Education, etc. Therefore, it is believed that the Executive Training Program of unity will enhance the University-Industry partnership.

The ETP Catalogue is a compilation of training courses offered so far by the University. It also includes some new programs. The Catalogue provides a description of the courses, training hours, duration, and identifies key focus groups that will benefit from ETP.

Our Trainers

Unity University has rich experience in offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our permanent instructors are knowledgeable and well experienced in their respective fields. Beside our instructors, we invite scholars in a given field, whenever it deems necessary. We also make sure that our trainers are familiar with the modern training techniques.

Our Facilities

Unity offers its ETP at Gerji, Mekanissa, and Geferssa Campuses in its own premises. We have well-designed training rooms equipped with audiovisual and other teaching aids, which add to the quality of the training we offer. On the other hand, if an organization wants to have the training in its own premise or in any other place, we will be there to deliver it.

Training Methodology

Our courses are planned in such a way that all trainees are empowered to fully participate. In any training program, the learning and teaching process is a two-way communication. The instructors give knowledge; the trainees share experiences; consequently, the combination adds special value by making the training more rewarding. Our trainers also make use of modern technologies to equip trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills.


After each session, participants are requested to evaluate the training; and at the end, we enquire their overall evaluation about the delivery, the progress and outcome of the training. The information we gather from the evaluations is used to improve and upgrade the courses we deliver.

Unity University Executive Training Program
List of Training Courses
S/N Course Title Module No Duration in Hours
1 Leadership Essential and Team Dynamics UUEP-901 24
2 Leadership Essential for Practicing Managers UUEP-902 24
3 Customer  Services and Ethical Behavior UUEP-903 24
4 Customer  Services and Emotional Intelligence UUEP-903 24
5 Database Management UUEP-904-1 24
6 Membership Database Administration UUEP-904-2 24
7 Business Plan Preparation and Grant Proposal Writing UUEP-905 24
8 Excellence in Quality Customer Service UUEP-906 16
9 Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation UUEP-907 40
10 Project Preparation and Grant Proposal Writing UUEP-908 24
11 Human Resource Management UUEP-909 40
12 Secretarial Procedures and  office Management UUEP-910 40
13 Modern Record Management System UUEP-911 32
14 Finance for Non-Finance Managers UUEP-912 32
15 Materials Management UUEP-913 32
16 Change Management UUEP-914 16
17 Branding UUEP-915 16
18 International Banking UUEP-916 16
19 Team Dynamics UUEP-917 16
20 Basic Concepts of Quality and Quality Management System UUEP-918 24
21 Quality Management System Documentation UUEP-919 24
22 Cost of Quality UUEP-920 24
23 Internal Quality Audit UUEP-921 24
24 Entrepreneurial Competencies UUEP-922 32
25 Basic Computer Skills UUEP-923 40
26 Advanced Office Automation Management UUEP-924 40
27 Advanced Computer Applications UUEP-925 40
28 Peachtree Accounting UUEP-926 40
29 English Language and Protocol UUEP-927 40
30 Leadership Education and Management UUEP-928 24
31 Stepping in to Leadership UUEP-929 24
32 Business Strategy UUEP-930 24
33 Corporate Governance UUEP-931 24
S/N Course Title Module No Duration in Hours
34 Organizational Leadership UUEP-932 24
35 Executive Program to Women Leaders UUEP-933 24
36 Effective Use of Power UUEP-934 24
37 Managing Teams  for Innovation and Success UUEP-935 24
38 Negotiation  Strategies UUEP-936 16
39 Managing Growth and Transformation UUEP-937 24
40 Financing the Entrepreneurial Business UUEP-938 40
41 Project Finance UUEP-939 40
42 Strategic Marketing Management UUEP-940 40
43 Leading Teams for High Performance UUEP-941 24
44 Monitoring and Evaluation UUEP-942 24
45 English for Graduate Students UUEP-943 40
46 English for Engineering Students UUEP-944 40
47 English for Nurses UUEP-945 40
48 Adobe Photoshop UUEP-946 40
49 Positive Thinking UUEP-947 40
50 Work Motivation and Team Building UUEP-948 40
51 Research Methodology UUEP-949 40
52 Conflict Management UUEP-950 16
53 Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) UUEP-951 40
54 Professional Audio Video Production UUEP-952 40
55 Strategic Planning and Design UUEP-953 40
56 Event Organization UUEP-954 24
57 Statistical Quality Control UUEP-955 40
58 Office Kaizen UUEP-956 40
59 Effective Communication Skill UUEP-957 16
60 Budget and Cost Control UUEP-958 40
61 General Internal Control UUEP-959 24
62 Strategic Management UUEP-960 40
63 Risk and Crisis Management UUEP-961 40
64 Basic of Mining UUEP-962 160
65 Financial Management and Taxation UUEP-963 40
66 Transformational Leadership UUEP-964 24
67 Managerial Skills and Communication UUEP-965 40
68 Training of Trainers (TOT) UUEP-966 40
S/N Course Title Module No Duration in Hours
69 International Relation UUEP-967 40
70 Video and Audio Editing UUEP-968 40
71 Business Communication UUEP-969 16
72 Performance Management UUEP-970 16
73 Time Management UUEP-971 16
74 Strategic Planning and Management UUEP-972 40
75 Management Performance /Balanced Score Card /BSC/ UUEP-973 40
76 Consultancy Skill Procedure UUEP-974 40
77 Self Management Skills UUEP-975 16
78 Report Writing UUEP-976 40
79 Problem Solving and Decision Making UUEP-977 24
80 Supervision Management  UUEP-978 40
81 Defensive Driving UUEP-979 16
82 Social Media and Web-Site UUEP-980 40
83 Development of New Values and Beliefs UUEP-981 16
84 Result Based Management UUEP-982 24
85 Good Governance  UUEP-983 40
86 Customer  Relation Management /CRM/  UUEP-984 24
87 Coaching and Mentoring  UUEP-985 16
88 Decision Making and Critical Thinking  UUEP-986 24
89 International Financial Reporting Standards /IFRS/  UUEP-987 56
90 Basic Communication Skills  UUEP-988 32
91 MS Access  UUEP-989 40
92 Policy Development, Analysis and Evaluation  UUEP-990 24
93 Knowledge  Management  UUEP-991 40
94 Module Preparation  Skill Development  UUEP-992 24
95 Advanced Customer Service and Business Ethics  UUEP-993 25
96 Training Management in Organization  UUEP-994 24