BSc in Management Information System – Objectives of The Program

1. General Objective

The main objective of the program is to produce competent graduates in Management Information Systems, who can join the business and the industry with a potential to work as Information Systems Analyst, Database and System Administrator, Information Resource Manager and Information Systems Consultant.

2. Specific Objectives

The Specific Objectives of the MIS program are to:

  • Develop business-oriented systems professionals who have experience in improving organizational processes while participating in problem-solving teams in project-oriented environments;
  • Enable students to identify and internalize organizational problems and opportunities that can be solved and enhanced by information technology;
  • Prepare students with the communication skills needed to act as liaison officers between technical and non-technical members of information system development teams;
  • Prepare students to design various aspects of information systems, including databases, processes, networks, and interface components;
  • Equip students with the necessary power and tools that are required to lead and manage information system development team; and
  • Enable students to have the required knowledge to manage business and other Information Systems.