BSc in Management Information System – Graduates’ Profile

Upon satisfactory completion of the program in Management Information Systems, graduates can handle the following tasks efficiently:

  • Demonstrate current working knowledge involving Information /Communication/ technologies and systems and their application and configuration to a variety of Business, Industry and Service environments;
  • Assist in solving both systems and application problems, involving hardware and software, data communication and integrated networks, by applying techniques associated with: Networking Activity Database Management Systems, System Analysis, Cost Performance and Feasibility Studies System Design and Development, System Implementation, Conversion, Testing, System Security Maintenance and Management, Software Selection, Application, and testing Communication Network Diagnostics, Hardware/Software/System Evaluation and Modification, Global Information Technology (Such as Internet) and others;
  • Assist in solving system problems in a variety of information/communication environments by applying techniques associated with: hardware maintenance, computer and communication software packages, databases, program testing/de-bugging and hardware and software modifications/customization; and
  • Perform effectively in the work place by: handling IT-related projects, exhibiting responsible and professional attitudes as a member of an information /communication team. Communicating clearly and concisely using oral, written and contemporary electronic-based techniques and media, exhibiting appropriate time and work planning skills, applying recognized safety practices and procedures.