BSc in Mining Engineering – Objectives of the Program

1. General Objectives of the Program

The Department of Mining Engineering is one of the Departments of Unity University (Unity) that offers students with opportunities to pursue academic programs in a variety of engineering fields. The Department of Mining Engineering is providing a training program for regular undergraduate students leading to a BSc Degree in Mining Engineering.

Ethiopia has been acquiring geological data for various minerals in various parts of the country for the past four – five decades. The geological data collected to date have led to the discoveries of mineral deposits in various parts of Ethiopia. Many discoveries of gold, base metal, coal, potash and other minerals have been made recently by various companies. (The only long-lived Legedembi Gold Mine shall be multiplied by various types of mines in different parts of Ethiopia in the near future).

The General Objective of the training program in Mining Engineering is to produce competent graduates with a broad knowledge and understanding of mineral resource development and exploitation. However, the graduates in Mining Engineering can also serve in the infrastructure development projects, such as train rail, road tunnel construction, hydro power energy project construction and research. To achieve the training goal, Unity University shall offer courses that can build the knowledge of Mining Engineering in the following core areas:

  • Various geological, mineral processing, mine design courses;
  • Various engineering courses that can reinforce the mining knowledge;
  • The unique features of the resources of Ethiopian minerals and environments;
  • Synergy of the various professions in mineral operations; and
  • Managerial knowledge and skill that can facilitate mineral operations.

The curriculum content is, therefore, set to produce productive graduates who can fulfill requirements of both national and international mining industries.

2. Specific Objectives

The Specific Objectives of the Mining Engineering training program is to train productive and competent mining engineers at an international standard, with a broad understanding of the process of exploitation and development of mineral resources. The Mining Engineers graduating from Unity University are expected to perform professional work in mineral and energy industries, ministries, investment firms and research organizations.
To achieve there’s objective, the Mining Engineering Department ensures that the graduate is equipped with:

  • Sound knowledge in such areas as basic sciences, engineering fundamentals and engineering principles ;
  • Practical skills to explore and exploit earth’s resources and construction of earth (rock) systems in an engineering system orientation and setting;
  • Ability to solve complex mining and earth systems-related problems;
  • Capability for teamwork and decision making; and
  • Aptitude needed to appreciate the global role of minerals in the changing world.
3. Goals of the Department of Mining Engineering

From the perspective of undergraduate education, the Mining Engineering Department is established to provide graduates with the skills, academic experience, and education necessary to prepare them to excel as professionals in the highly diverse industries of mining and to provide the foundation for these graduates to assume positions of leadership within these industries.

The Department recognizes the high expectations of the industries as well as the responsibility it has to prepare students for successful professional careers. To be successful, it is imperative that mining graduates possess an ever-growing set of technical skills, knowledge, and expertise. Beyond the technical aspects of basic sciences, engineering fundamentals, and problem-solving, Mining Engineering graduates will also acquire other skills, which are essential in today’s global economy.

These include:-

  • Communication,
  • Social, political, and economic realities of different cultures,
  • Intellectual and professional development, analysis, and creativity,
  • Professional and ethical standards,
  • Self-confidence, conviction, and compassion, and
  • Skills critical to leadership and supervision.
4. Vision of the Department

The Mining Engineering Department aspires: “to be a premier national center for education and applied research in the diverse fields of mining.”

5. Mission of the Department

The Mining Engineering Department is “committed to produce outstanding graduates capable of solving problems relating to exploring, extracting, and processing natural resources for a multitude of uses in manufacturing and other sectors.”