BSc in Mining Engineering – Internship

1. Internship (industrial placement)

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) curriculum in Mining Engineering program requires two Kiremt (summer) sessions, one month each time for Internship and one week of a semester break for industry placement, after the successful completion of the ‘comprehensive exam’ given at the end of the sixth and eighth semesters of the program.

During the Internship, the daily and monthly working times will follow the system practiced in the respective company that hosts the student. As a rule, the entire Internship period has to be spent working with various mining companies. The University Internship Coordinator will handle such cases and decision will be given in consultation with the Dean.

Participation in the seminar program organized by the University’s Internship Coordinator Office is compulsory (mandatory).

A student is expected to submit to the Internship Coordinator Office a comprehensive report, duly endorsed by the student’s host organization at the end of the Internship. The report will be assessed by specifically assigned instructors. The Internship is assigned a semester load of 4 Cr Hrs, for the training of each Kiremt (summer) session.

2. Objectives of Internship

The Internship program has the following objectives:

  • Expansion of knowledge and acquaintance with industry in the field of Mining Engineering;
  • Consolidation and deepening of existing knowledge in Mining Engineering and mining industry;
  • Involvement in the planning, steering and management of the mining processes; and
  • Involving students to participate – individually or within a (task) group – in real assignments/projects, which entail the application of knowledge and skills attained during the studies at the University, and aiming at developing special skills related to the industrial practice.