BSc in Computer Science – Objectives of The Program

The ultimate goal of this program is to produce graduates who can cope up with the dynamic nature of the Information Technology industry and a wide range of careers by being able to focus on software development and capitalize on high growth markets.

1. General Objectives
  • To produce competent software development personnel who can design, develop and implement innovative applications by using leading edge technologies; and
  • To provide in-depth and extensive training for quality business solutions.
2. Specific objectives

The specific objectives of the Computer Science Program are:

  • To produce manpower trained in new technologies, techniques and methodologies for development of high-quality software products;
  • Enabling students to develop prototypes and assist the commercialization of product ideas;
  • Providing a flexible approach for continuous education;
  • Developing the physical, mental potential and the problem-solving capacity of students; and
  • Developing important lifetime talents such as communication skills and team-oriented work culture.