BSc in Architecture and Urban Planning – Objectives of the Program

1. Vision Statement

“To build an institution with high-quality architectural education, the institution will become a center of practical knowledge in the architecture and urban planning profession.”

Its graduates will have the ability to adapt to existing professional environment. They will be equipped to understand the complexity of the building process as well as the planning process.

2. Mission Statement

“To make the institution (will become) one of the preferred schools for higher education in Architecture and related fields.”

By building up its staff base as well as academic facilities such as an up to standard library and workshop and studio facilities, it will become one of the best schools teaching the profession of Architecture and Planning in Ethiopia.

3. General Objectives of the Program
  • To identify and develop competent architects and urban planners through the exploration of knowledge, skill and sound professional attitude in the fields of Architecture and Urban Planning;
  • To advance and undertake research that supports and promotes the activities of the built and the spatial environment and disseminate the same; and
  • To render relevant consultancy services to the community.
4. Specific Objectives of the Program

To produce qualified architects and urban planners who can:

  • Derive inspiration from the Ethiopian Architectural style, and do research on this area with the intention of developing acceptable architecture;
  • Easily develop and assume sense of responsibility and leadership;
  • Give due consideration to practical design and planning matters such as: economy, function, climate and local conditions through intimate involvement in field practice, in addition to theoretical issues;
  • Give due consideration to building codes and regulations, recent trends in building technologies, and new construction methods;
  • Easily communicate with other professionals and clients through written documents and reports both in English and Amharic;
  • Participate in the study and preservation of the Architectural heritage of Ethiopia; and
  • Create a link with the local authorities of towns in the preparation of development plan.
5. Research

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning is to undertake researches in the areas of:

  • Architectural theory,
  • Innovative building materials,
  • Environmentally responsible architecture,
  • Ventilation in buildings,
  • Urban planning, design and infrastructures,
  • Urban revitalization,
  • Housing design, cost , affordability and identity,
  • Socio-economic development and housing,
  • Local and low-cost building materials,
  • Urban community development, and
  • Architectural history and built heritage conservation.