BSc in Architecture and Urban Planning – Program Characteristics and Requirements

1. Program Characteristics

Architecture is one of the key professions involved in shaping the built environment and urban space. Architectural education that prepares architects for a professional life should, therefore, be seen at least in the following contexts and the specific objectives pertaining to them:

  • Social, cultural, political contexts,
  • Professional, technological, industrial contexts,
  • The World: local, global, ecological contexts,
  • Academic contexts, including science and knowledge in general, and
  • International contexts.

There are also a number of new contexts such as the increasing internationalization of the building industry, the building professions, and architecture itself, the dominant use of the computer and the Internet, etc.

Whatever the detailed dimensions of these contexts, architectural education should have two basic purposes:

  • To produce competent, creative, critically minded and ethical professional designers/builders; and
  • To produce good citizens who are intellectually mature, ecologically sensitive and socially responsible.

As there is no fundamental conflict between these two purposes, schools, programs and courses should aim to achieve both of them through different means and equipments – obviously varying in different geographical and social contexts.

2. Admission Requirements

Besides the requirements set by the Ministry of Education, candidates should pass an entrance examination through written, sketching and aptitude test given by the Department, and be physical fit (suitability) as required by the profession.

3. Duration of the Program

Five years are required for students attending the regular degree program.

4. Graduation Requirements
  • 180 credits hours,
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 or above,
  • ‘F’ grade, ‘NG’ and ‘I’ are not allowed in any course.
  • A ‘D’ grade is not allowed in Architectural and Urban Design courses (Major Courses).
  • Respect the regulation of the University.