BSc in Architecture and Urban Planning

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning is one of the Departments of Unity University (Unity) that was established in 1995 (2002 G.C). The Department commenced its operation with degree program in Architecture and Urban Planning. The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning presently offers five-year degree program courses at the Gerji Main Campus in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia, being a developing country, needs all-rounded graduates who are skilled to handle relatively wide fields of interrelated disciplines. It is with this in mind that this curriculum is designed. To achieve its end, the curriculum not only covers the field of Architecture and Urban Planning; but also closely related fields, such as: Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Construction Management.

The program takes the design of individual buildings as the basic issue of the built environment; while trying to incorporate related design scale levels to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. In simple terms, while the individual building (Architectural Design) is at the core, its interior (Interior Design), its exterior (Landscape Architecture), its related infrastructure and neighboring building (Urban Planning and Design) and the implementation and construction of the above are given due consideration.