BA in Sociology and Social Anthropology – Graduate Profile

The graduates of the Sociology and Social Anthropology composite BA program from Unity University acquire wide-ranging conceptual, pragmatic, methodological and civic competencies that shall prepare them to undertake the following:

  • To discern and identify different perspectives, and assessing and applying theoretical frameworks to social realities;
  • Business Management (Corporate, General, Functional, Division/Branch);
  • To understand societies and cultures in their own terms, by identifying and breakingdown euro-and ethnocentrism in research and practice;
  • To independently frame and execute research projects, and critically evaluate research findings;
  • To promote civility and civil discourse by imparting a sense of urgency¬†to communities, locally and beyond;
  • To apply sociological and anthropological perspectives to community and organizational problems;
  • To promote active participation and effective teamwork through the application of knowledge of group and organizational processes;
  • To establish links between analysis and public on different administrative and decision-making levels, including the local, regional, federal and global;
  • To coordinate multidisciplinary research projects by promoting an understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives;
  • To advocate on behalf of disadvantaged groups , including herders, the poor, the handicapped, the dislocated, famine victims, women, children, etc. who require a culture-sensitive and compassionate understanding to their causes; and
  • To function effectively in positions like socioeconomic planning, rural and urban development, technology transfer, health and social service delivery, relief provisioning, labor relations, culture office, teaching, etc, where sociological and anthropological perspectives and methods are in high demand.