BA in Economics – Objectives of the Program

1. General Objectives
  • Providing theories of Economics that deal with allocation and distribution of scarce resources per period of time among individual economic agents using not only both perfect and imperfect market institutes but also budgetary institutes, (knowledge of microeconomics in private and public sectors); and stabilize, bring growth, maintain employment and favorable balance of payment of the economy knowledge of macroeconomics); and measurement of the economy at individual or aggregate level through identifying problems and suggesting possible solution using data skills of economic theory and application of mathematical model, statistics and econometrics; and
  • Facilitating prospective graduates whose features are marginal thinkers, analysts, researchers and implementers of values that accelerate the success of Ethiopia‚Äôs renaissance.
2. Specific Objectives

Specifically, the Department is devoted to produce qualified economist who is able to:

  • Participate in the economic system as an employee, independent agent or employer;
  • Know theories of economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics) and application of economics;
  • Understand and apply public finance or public sector economics;
  • Participate in the field of his or her specialization;
  • Conduct applied research on resolving socio-economic problems of the country; and
  • ¬†Encourage and advance the need of applied research and disseminate relevant information to beneficiaries of both private and public sectors.