BA in Accounting and Finance – Objectives of the Program

1. General

The Department of Accounting and Finance seeks to:

  • Fulfill the primary mission of delivering quality instruction that provides students with a general educational foundation; and
  • Equip comprehensive understanding of general business concepts and principles, requisite conceptual and technical knowledge of accounting and finance; and basis for multi-dimensional roles required of professional auditors, accountants and financial managers.
2. Specific

Specifically, the Department is committed to produce qualified accountants who can:

  • Handle general accounts;
  • Apply cost accounting;
  • Prepare budget both for business and non-business organizations;
  • Produce financial reports for all forms of organizations and make appropriate interpretation and analysis for decision making;
  • Examine accounting and financial records (auditing);
  • Make financial-related and investment decisions;
  • ¬†Analyze information for planning and control;
  • ¬†Prepare and appraise project proposal; and
  • Undertake research activities in the area of accounting and finance.