BA in Accounting and Finance – Graduates’ Profile

The Accounting and Finance graduates are expected to assume functional responsibilities in any sector where proper accounting and finance-related profession is needed. Graduates can assume positions in the areas of:

1. Accounting
  • General accounts, records and reports; payroll processing and billing
  • Cost and managerial accounting and control, data generation and supervision
  • Overhead charges computations, pricing and valuation
  • Tax analysis and its administration
2. Financial Management
  • Financial management
  • Treasury/cash management
  • Credit management
  • Disbursement voucher process and control
  • Budget preparation, execution and reporting analysis
  • Tax item data generation, assessment and reporting
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Revenue and expenditure management
3. Financial Analysis
  • Financial forecasting and trend analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Compilation of data for the preparation of project proposals,
  • Execution and evaluation of project preparation
4. Auditing (Internal and External)
  • Pre-audit inspection and investigation
  • Operational audit, partial financial audit, cash audit, compliance audit, branch audit, interim reports audit, advance clearance
  • Part of external audit team-check inventory/stock, sales, procurement, debtors/creditors balances, substantive audit, analysis of accounts, reconciliation
5. Management Information Systems
  • Generation of information, which is of financial and non-financial nature necessary for management
  • Analyze, design and install accounting/business systems (manual or computerized)
6. Managerial Functions
  • Procurement, stores/inventory control, marketing, credit management, review of policies and procedure manuals
7. Financial Administration Services
  • General administrators of finances and
  • Administration-personnel, material and capital (resources)

Recently, the Department has revised its curriculum with the very objective of improving and implementing the curriculum in order to reflect the tangible needs of the country in line with the above specific purposes of the curriculum and the Graduate Profile without compromising its international standard.