Academic Programming and Scheduling Office

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepare the Academic Calendar of the University.
  2. Check and verify the curriculum of each program and officialize courses offered each semester.
  3. Assign Instructors for each course in collaboration with Departments.
  4. Provide comparison data to departments to help them to compare the most optimum and cost-effective distribution of course loads.
  5. Prepare class schedule based on the available resources (sections, time, room, and instructors).
  6. Prepare and send regularly Instructor Weekly Course Load and extra hours (If any) to the Finance Services.
  7. Keep up-to-date records of sections, and merge sections whenever it deems necessary.
  8. Prepare Examination Schedules in three Phases: Tentative Examination, Final Examination, and Make-up Examination, every semester.
  9. Assign Final Examination Invigilators & Coordinators, Stand-by and Observers to each examination.
  10. Produce regular and outcome-focused reports to users in relation to class and examination schedules, course offerings, and Instructor loads.
  11. Provide information to students in all academic programming, scheduling, and other related matters.
  12. Change the schedule of add courses for students whenever there happens a clash with their regular course schedule.